Inspire! Aging, Death & Dying- How to take Action!

Aging, Death and Dying


What we can do to combat ageism…

-Speak Up
-Own Your Age
-Separate Age as a Number from Age as an Attitude
-Consume media that embraces aging
-Read: This Chair Rocks and Being Mortal (buy them at the Bookman)
-Intergenerational book clubs and other activities
-Address the greater prevalence of ageism against women
-Embrace modern technology the best we can


What can we do to age more gracefully…

-Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit
-Exercise regularly, including Tai Chi, meditation, etc
-Keep in touch with friends and make new friends – stay social
-Do things for others
-Focus on living
-Get situated with your plans – wills, directives, powers
-Learn something every day
-Listen to your body
-Ignore the pressure to be young
-Accept signs of age as rewards
-Be your own true self
-Do something nice for yourself every day
-Pursue the experience

Learn about aging, death and dying in order to get rid of the fear