Religious Diversity

How do we nurture religious diversity? Here's some steps everyone can take...
1) Love one another
2) Encourage hospitality - invite others into your home and accept invitations into other's homes
3) Tour the Hindu Temple in Grand Rapids
4) Tour the Mosque in Grand Rapids
5) Visit C3 in Grand Haven
6) Visit Spring Lake Presbyterian Church
7) Contact the Speaker's Bureau at the Interfaith Dialogue Association
8) Attend the Interfaith Allies "None" Panel at the Herrick Library in Holland on January 28 at 6pm
9) Recognize the holy dates of other religions on Facebook and with your friends who identify with those religions
10) Challenge Assumptions! Don't assume you know the religion - or lack of religion - of anyone you meet. 
11) Be willing to talk about your own spiritual path. 
12) Call out religious discrimination!