Helpful Tips for the Holidays

How to Plan an Anxiety-Free Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a cherished tradition among many families, no matter what holidays they celebrate. It’s a time to celebrate with your loved ones, and this celebration typically involves a great deal of planning. You have to plan the menu and decorations. Then you have to actually prepare the meal and decorate your home for the holiday event. The time spent on all the important details can make even the calmest person feel ready to pull her hair out. So how can you plan and host a holiday party without letting anxiety get in the way? Read on for some simple tips on how to do just that.


Plan in Advance

Whatever you do, don’t wait till the last minute to plan your holiday party. Waiting until a week or two before the big shindig will only cause you unnecessary stress. Instead, a few months in advance, make a to-do-list, writing down everything that needs to be done for the party. This list should include the food menu, required decorations, holiday music you intend to use and anything else in between. Use a calendar to write down when each task should be completed. This will prevent the day from creeping up on you when you least expect it.


Keep it Simple

Who says your holiday party has to be an elaborate affair? To avoid unnecessary stress, keep it as simple as possible. You don’t need tons of decorations to make your party festive. Choose a few focal points like beautiful candles or greenery and pinecones as table centerpieces. Keep your menu simple too. You don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen all day while everyone else is enjoying the party. And there’s no shame in using disposable plates, cups and utensils for the meal. You can always buy fancy plastic plates, cups and utensils at your local party supply store. Besides, who wants to spend the entire day washing dishes?



Although you’re the party host or hostess, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Enlist family and friends to help you with the cooking, cleaning and other preparations. They’ll feel more involved with the event, and you’ll avoid the exhaustion of trying to do everything solo. Delegating responsibility may be difficult for some personalities, but if you relinquish control on some aspects of the planning and you’ll thank yourself later. For example, ask a few party guests to take care of the desserts. You can also buy some desserts from a local bakery.


Typical Holiday Hosting Mistakes

If you’re planning a holiday a party, be wary of typical hosting mistakes. Don’t forget about guests with dietary restrictions. For example, if you have people with diabetes on the guest list, make sure you have meals and desserts that are sugar free. If you have guests that need to eat gluten-free meals, keep this in mind as well. Some people are recovering alcoholics or don’t drink alcohol for personal reasons. Provide appropriate beverage choices for them to avoid any embarrassing situations.


Don’t make the mistake of becoming so overwhelmed with the food and drink preparations that you don’t spend time relaxing and enjoying interacting with your guests. Just because you’re hosting the party doesn’t mean you should spend all your time in the kitchen.


Newbie Party Host

You’ve always been a guest at a holiday party. You’ve never hosted one before, and you’re just a little bit terrified. Go on sites like Pinterest to get some simple decorating ideas. Plan enough place settings for your guests too. Never cooked a turkey or ham before? Enlist help from a family member or friend. Search for turkey cooking tutorials online to help you successfully tackle the task.


Written by: Jennifer Scott

Photo via Pixabay