Ten Easy Ways to Celebrate ALL Love

Our February Inspire! and Deeper Dive events Celebrated ALL Love. Please help us create a safer space for everyone. Here are some of the ways you can help combat heterosexual privilege:

1) Support organizations that do this work
2) Display Human Equality stickers
3) Speak out and name the injustice you see and hear
4) Hold businesses accountable
5) Get involved in government decisions starting at the City Council level
6) Ask candidates about their position and support candidates who support equality
7) Educate youth (and reach their parents, too)
8) Respect others by avoiding labels and using inclusive language, i.e. it’s not Gay Marriage, it’s just Marriage; refer to your spouse rather than your husband or wife
9) understand that 20 minutes of sincere conversation CAN produce change
10) Work to address building codes for bathrooms and other city ordinance changes - start with the city of GH and use success to leverage other municipalities

Watch the movie "Bridegroom"
Laugh at the Youtube video "Bathroom Cop"
Let us know you're interested in working on an inclusivity event in the summer in tangent with Holland Pride