Considering the Youth

 Town Hall on Suicide – Part 2
From March 27, 2017
 The Community Discussion



o   How early do we start talking? What age is right?
o   When they ask.
o   By the time they are in 6th grade ask “Have you felt like that? What would you do?”

Existing Programs - Youth
o   Schools – contact the principal
o   Live, Laugh, Love at GHHS
o   Be.nice
o   OK to Say cell phone app to report concerns in Michigan and have someone go to the school
o   YMCA
o   Regional Youth Group
o   Building Resilient Youth
o   Training in Mental Health First Aid
o   Community Mental Health
o   TCM Counseling
o   Suicide prevention hotline 800.273.8255
o   Suicide prevention text hotline 741741

Needs – Youth
o   Trauma Informed Care – the earlier the better
o   Coping skills – resiliency
o   Connection to other kids
o   Parent support group
o   Use Social Media for positive
o   Transparency when there is a suicide – end the silence
o   "Postvention" reaction – protocol for after a suicide
o   Comprehensive sex education