Continuing the Discussion for Adult Suicide

Town Hall on Suicide – Part 2
From March 27, 2017
 The Community Discussion


o   When people reach out, help. They want resources.
o   There is stigma even about feeling stress particularly among professionals.
o   Is some suicide in older adults due to compassionate choices?
o   Chronic pain and illness
o   Prescription side effects
o   Mental illness
o   Reach out to people who have been hospitalized just as you would for a physical illness. People need connection to other people. Suicide decreases significantly when people follow up after hospitalization.


Existing Resources

o   Training in Mental Health First Aid
o   Community Mental Health
o   TCM Counseling
o   Suicide prevention hotline 800.273.8255
o   Suicide prevention text hotline 741741
o   Be.nice for corporations and professionals to decrease stigma
o   Stomp Out Stigma Walk
o   Hospice
o   Momentum Center for Social Engagement
o   Four Points
o   Parish Nurses at St. Patrick’s/St. Anthony’s, Ferrysburg Community and Second Christian Reformed Churches (and you do not have to be a member of the church to receive help)
o   Family Support Group
o   DBSA (Depression BiPolar Support Group) Peer Support 1st and 3rd Monday



o   Suicide Review Team (as in Muskegon)
o   Connection
o   MHFA/QPR training for organizations that reach seniors
o   Wellcare for mental health
o   Explore alternatives – what are they?
o   Media list (movies like Hope Bridge)