Supporting the Survivors

Town Hall on Suicide – Part 2
From March 27, 2017
 The Community Discussion



o   Don’t take it personally – it wasn’t about you. It was always about them.
o   Get grief counseling
o   Talk about it – Ask survivors how they are doing and talk about their loved one
o   Be aware of the risk of burn out


Existing Resources

o   Survivors of Suicide Group 1st and 3rd Thursdays at St. Patrick’s
o   Mercy Hospice – Grief Counseling
o   Eles Place in Grand Rapids for children
o   On Line Support Groups
o   Stephen’s Ministry through area churches
o   Funeral Home messages
o   Alternative therapies for stress relief (yoga, meditation, etc.)
o   Training in Mental Health First Aid
o   Community Mental Health
o   TCM Counseling – Individual counseling and Survivors of Suicide Group meets twice a month
o   Suicide prevention hotline 800.273.8255
o   Suicide prevention text hotline 741741


o   Connections
o   Specific survivor groups