Continuing the Conversation: Pathways to Freedom

What are pathways to freedom?

•We need to accept others who don’t “fit”
•Whichever signs and gender conversations
•Speak to offenses, end the silence
•Education on how to deal with disrespect
•Talk to the supportive men in our lives
•Raise our expectations of male behavior
•Celebrate other women instead of competing
•Support women’s organizations
•Use internal affirmations (I am beautiful!)
•BE valuable

What can we DO? Well for starters...
* Work to change laws for carrying protective devices (pepper spray, stun guns). Sara from Damsels In Defense Products will research starting a petition through and addressing this as a second amendment right
* Write letters to the governor, parole board and attorney general on behalf of women imprisoned for killing their abusers - see Justice Thru Storytelling, Inc.
* Talk to the Men in our lives
* Accept each other as women without judgment - end victim blaming and slut shaming
* Address the harmful effects of pornography including the objectification of women and the toll of addiction
* Celebrate alternative rites of passage that don't include strip clubs
* Watch our language and don't use words like "pimp" "rape" or "f**k" without considering whether those words are appropriate
* Don't support movies, music or companies who use advertisements that objectify or degrade women
* Advocate for harsher sentences for stalking and violence against women
* Challenge "old boy" systems
* Advocate for comprehensive sex education in our public schools to include information on sex trafficking and healthy relationships
* Mentor our boys and our girls

Own your beauty and your worth! The divine in me recognizes and bows to the divine in you! Namaste