Action Steps & Resources for combating Racism

52 people showed up for an important conversation about race and racism at the Inspire! event last Saturday.

This is the list of action steps they created... What will you do?

Action Steps

-Join your local government (i.e., Human Relations Committee in Grand Haven)
-Attend meetings (Grand Haven meets third Thursday at 5:30pm)
-Report issues to your local government committee
-Spend time crossing the bridge and spending time in another community
-Attend Interfaith @ the BRIDGE potluck January 24 at 6pm at Spring Lake Public Library
-Visit other churches
-Be intentional in naming racism when you hear/see/experience it
-Call it out
-Assess the safety of the situation
-Try not to react with a shaming statement; instead consider asking “What is your intention in saying that?” or “Why do you say that?” in order to try to enter into conversation.
-Educate yourself*Resources listed below
-Really listen to other people’s experiences
-Talk about racism in your peer group
-Share your stories with others
-Look at your circle and intentionally grow the diversity of your circle
-Continue the conversation and the relationships started today
-Be sensitive to the language you use
-Join or form a book club*
-Let us know if you are interested in this as a Book Club does appear to be forming!!

Resource List

-Implicit Bias measurement at
-13th (the Netflix Movie)
-The Hate U Give (Book and Movie)
-Extended Grace events and conversations
-Attend the LEDA Summit this summer
-Visit the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University 
-Read one or more of the following Books:
-The Warmth of Other Suns
-Waking Up White
-White Fragility (Dr. Diangelo)
-Paul Gorski
-Equity Literacy 
-Teaching and Reaching Children in Poverty
-Psychohistory of White Racism by Joel Kovel
-Slavery and Social Death by Orlando Patterson
-Becoming by Michele Obama
-The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave
-Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy
-Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh