Reflections from our Inspire! Event regarding ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

At our Inspire! Events, we continue the discussion in Small groups with our table-mates, and then have a full room discussion on what more we can do. Here are some of the questions we are prompted with, as well as the responses from the group.

How can we get information about ACES to more people?

Reach out to influencers

  School Boards
Parent Council
City Councils/Elected Officials
Faith Leaders

State ACE Initiative to Educate Using Master Trainers
Schedule a training at the Momentum Center

Share personal testimonials

Spread the word and attend the June 3 Town Hall on ACES at the Grand Haven Community Center

Spread and word and watch the movie Resilience this Friday ( )

How else can we affect ACES in our community?

Measure Resiliency factors at the Momentum Center and elsewhere

Change our mindset to move from asking/thinking "What's wrong with you?" to "What happened to you?"

Claim our Power of One to support someone else

Exercise Empathy, No Pity

End isolation for people - reach out and invite

Ask people "How did you get through that?"
   think in terms of survivors not victims

   point out people's strength and resilience instead of trying to rescue them

Engage in conversation, embrace teaching moments