A Follow Up...

In March, we had an important community conversation on Prisoner ReEntry, looking at the current issues for Returning Citizens, and what we can do to support them during the transition. Here’s what we discussed before we concluded our Inspire! Event.

What Returning Citizens (and Parolees) Need to Be Successful

Safe environment to move into
Job Preparation Training (resume writing, interviewing,etc.)
New Technology and Life Skills Training
Computer Training
Basic Personal Needs – Food, Bathing, Personal Items
Counseling and Therapy (including information on ACES)
Someone to Care/Emotional Support/Personal 911/Listener
Support Groups
Support and Counseling for Family Members
Purpose or Higher Power
Bias Training
Societal Acceptance: Destigmatize/Empathy/Address Systemic Racism


Existing Resources

Momentum Center (membership, groups, navigator site, de-stigmatizing movement)
Fresh Coast in Muskegon www.freshcoastalliance.org
Love in Action Medical and Dental Clinic http://www.loveinactiontricities.org/free-health-dental-clinic.html
Love in Action Food Trucks and Budget Counseling
Job Seekers (meet at St. Patrick’s Family Center in Grand Haven)  https://stpatsgh.org/outreach/job-seekers
NA/SMART Recovery/AA (Meetings available in Grand Haven at: Momentum Center/Fulton Street)
Family Support Group (Momentum Center)
I’m Gone Tell It Podcast www.facebook.com/podcastradioimgonetellit
TCM Counseling https://tcmcounseling.org/
OAR https://oar-inc.org/
Steven’s Ministries (Church Based)
70x7 in Holland  www.70x7liferecovery.org
Work Solved in Grand Rapids www.worksolved.com
Michigan Works  http://www.michiganworks.org/
Catholic Charities https://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org/
Parole Officers
DHHS (housing, cars, security deposit) www.michigan.gov/mdhhs
Salvation Army https://centralusa.salvationarmy.org/grandhaven/
CMH (rides to Medication Assisted Treatment) www.miottawa.org/Health/CMH/
CLJ Counseling, Groups, Expungement, Coordination of Services for Sliding Scale Fees
Grand Haven Neighborhood Services (Navigator Site, Budget Counseling) https://www.grandhaven.org/residents/housing-grants-services/

Harbor Transit (limited in hours and area)
eQuip (Momentum Center)
SafeLink Phones (911 always available even if minutes are used up)
MSHDA Section 8 Housing Vouchers
Healthwest Recovery Center Muskegon https://healthwest.net/news/muskegon-recovery-center-now-open/
Recovery Fest in Holland http://liveunited.ottawaunitedway.org/agency/detail/?agency_id=19284
DI (Deliberate Injustice) Podcast Series  http://www.deliberateinjusticethebook.com/podcasts.html


What Can We Do to Begin to Fill in the Gaps

Momentum Center Participation
Education of Self and Others

-       Write your representatives

-       Write to prosecutors

-       Write sheriffs

-       Attend your municipality’s meetings and be vocal

Offer and Pursue Trauma Informed Care
Education on ACES

-       Town Hall in Holland April 15

-       Inspire! Event April 20

-       Town Hall in Grand Haven June 3

Volunteer for Any of the Agencies Offering Resources Above
Volunteer in Prison
Increase Awareness
Address Own Stigmas and Stereotypes
Practice Intentional Inclusivity in Own Life
Visit People in Prison
Give Returning Citizens a Voice at the Table
Don’t Ignore a Criminal History – Talk About It
Network with Others
Advocate for Exonerees 

 If you have new ideas on how to help, or looking for more information, feel free to contact us at: hello@extendedgrace.org