Further Thoughts and Action Steps on our Inspire! Topic: Marijuana - What to Know Before You Vote

Our conversation proved to be exactly as we hoped it would be. Lots of unbiased facts. Many strong feelings. Everyone willing to listen to each other. Respect throughout. And a list of action plans that we can all participate in…

Voting Yes on Proposition One

End Stigma
Tax Revenue
Lower Prices
Less Incarceration
Hemp and Textiles
Less Black Market
Less Opiate Use
Recreational Choice
Alternative Healing
Preventative Care.

Voting No on Proposition Two

Adolescent Use
Big $
Smoking Issues
Increasing Insurance Rates
Impaired Driving
No Way to Detect/Measure Usage
Lost Jobs
Federally Illegal
Banking – Cash Business
Cognitive/Memory Issues
Cost of Enforcement
Tax Allocation Not Guaranteed
10:1 Cost Ratio
Increasing Addiction

Preparation for Legalization

Education – non biased information
Develop Metric for determining impairment levels
Talk to our Kids
-       Effects of substance use
-       How to manage pain, not mask it (physical, mental, stress, spiritual pain)
-       Building resiliency

Business Opportunities
-       many service providers will be needed
-       redirection of resources
-       management/leadership choices

Schools – how will they spend tax money
Help draft new proposal if necessary
Banking Regulations


What can WE do?

VOTE – whether you for for or against, VOTE
Educate – share what you have learned, learn more
Kids – talk to the children in your life regularly
Movie Night – Join us for The Culture High on October 26