Momentum Center is a nonprofit grassroots movement to create a stigma-free community.

We do so by providing opportunities to form collaborative relationships and offering programs and events that nurture, educate and inspire individuals so that together we can address issues of social justice and human rights.


What We Do


Momentum Center

The Momentum Center for Social Engagement is a social and recreational program. There is an adult and teen program. The adult program focuses on mental health, disabilities and addictions. The teen program focuses on positive relationships, mental health, success in school, and overall well-being.



Just Goods Gifts and Café

Just Goods Gifts and Café is a store through which we sell traditional fair-trade items, as well as items made by inmates involved with Humanity for Prisoners, students enrolled in Ottawa Area ISD’s Young Adult Services, and Wesley School (Muskegon Area ISD), and Kiwanis Aktion Club. CBI and Wesley School provide instruction for 18 to 26-year-old people who have disabilities. The café sells Aldea coffee, RefuTea, Leppinks donuts and Grand Finalé cookies for $1 in a space that encourages social integration and the dismantling of stigma. 

Community Conversations

The Momentum Center regularly organizes discussions, presentations, movie nights, and meetings about the issues affecting our community. These conversations are spaces for reflection, support, planning, and action. Topics center on social justice and human rights, particularly around marginalized and disenfranchised populations. Learn more about our town hall meetings and Inspire! events.  



Cultural Immersion Trips

The Momentum Center conducts Cultural Immersion Experiences in order to offer cultural immersion experiences around the world. Cultural immersion is not a vacation or a service trip. Instead, it is an opportunity to learn about community and culture. In the process, participants are given an opportunity to see the lens through which they see the world.

Mudita Gifts

Mudita is Sanskrit for “I rejoice in your good fortune.” It is a reminder that what any one person receives is a gift for all and that we need to live in an atmosphere of abundance and generosity rather than scarcity, competition, and fear. The Momentum Center offers a limited number of Mudita monetary gifts to individuals with creative ideas aimed at improving the lives of others.


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