Research & Statistics

Through the programs we create, encourage, and support, the Momentum Center can make a positive difference for many of our citizens, some of whom are among our most vulnerable.

The needs in our community only continue to grow. In Ottawa County:

  • 1 in 5 adults are disabled

  • 17% of adults report depression and 15% report an anxiety disorder

  • 15% of youth have thought about committing suicide in the last year

  • Opiate related deaths have increased by 85%

Mental Health continues as a CRITICAL issue and is not improving. Top Four Concerns:

  1. Stigma with mental illness

  2. Lack of programs/services

  3. Lack of funding for services

  4. Lack of psychiatrists/therapy

Access to Care is a case of those who have and those who have not. Under-served adults had trouble meeting health care needs in the past two years, and skipped or stretched their medication to save on costs.


17% of Adults Report Having Depression

15% of Adults Report Having Anxiety

15% of Youth Have Thought about Committing Suicide in the Last Year