Momentum Center people are curious, compassionate, and creative. We are each utterly unique, and together we are uniquely suited to address the challenges of our community and our day. 

We are accomplishing great things within the Tri-Cities, but we cannot do it without the help of people like you. We know that there are a lot of ways you can spend your time and a lot of worthy causes out there to support. The fact that you are considering volunteering with the Momentum Center is appreciated more than you know! Here are a few ways you can get involved in making our local community healthier, stronger and more resilient:

Getting involved is as easy as: 

  • Liking us on Facebook!

  • Inviting our Experi-Mentor, Barbara, to speak.

  • Purchasing from our Just Goods Store.

  • Donating food and beverages for our monthly Inspire! gatherings.

  • Making a financial contribution.

How do I get started?

We connect people who want to make a difference with opportunities to accomplish just that. To get started, we encourage you to take a look at our events and complete the registration above. Once registered, we'll automatically email you about the specific initiatives or events that interest you.

Is Service Credit Available?

Yes! To receive credit for volunteer hours, bring the necessary paperwork to that event and a board member or event manager will sign off at the end. 

Volunteer quotes

What I enjoy most as a volunteer at the Momentum Center and Just Goods is the welcoming atmosphere. When I arrive I am greeted by everyone, I feel appreciated by members, visitors and staff alike.
— Ann Marie
I’m so happy that I crossed paths with the Momentum Center, and Just Goods! The people are amazing- always very welcoming. I mostly enjoy talking with all the members and learning new things about their lives. Everyone is so wonderfully different from each other, and it’s a joyful place to be. Besides the great people, I enjoy journal writing with the members- writing and sharing our ideas and feelings, and learning new things about each other and about life. It has been great place to volunteer, have fun, and just be yourself.
— Carey K.